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Ara on 7 Aug 2014
Answered: Palguna Gopireddy on 27 Nov 2022 at 6:27
Hi Everybody,
My publisher wants dpi between 300-600 dpi, and the height cannot exceed 230mm (~860 pixels). When I "save as" my MATLAB figure to ".tif" or ".tif (no compression)" . Everything seems fine, however, only the horizontal and vertical resolution is not the one that I want, (is ~ 116dpi). So, when I change resolution to 300 or even 600 dpi the height of figure exceeds 230mm.
Do you have any idea how to fix it?
I appreciate your help,

Accepted Answer

Harsha Medikonda
Harsha Medikonda on 8 Aug 2014
|Refer to the example code below.
size = [200 200];
res = 300;
set(gcf,'paperunits','inches','paperposition',[0 0 size/res]);
print('resized.tiff','-dtiff',['-r' num2str(res)]);
Here I have set the width and height to be 200. Resolution is set to 300dpi. To set the properties(“paperunnits” and “paperposition”) of the image, you could use the “set” function. “print” function is used to set the resolution to 300dpi.|

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Eslam Wafdy
Eslam Wafdy on 6 May 2019
in the figure window From File Menu Choose >>>Export Setup ,then in rendering section >>>> Select resolution and then you can make it 600 dpi or your screen resolution
z sh
z sh on 8 Mar 2022
why horizontal\ vertical resolution in properties folder not change?

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Palguna Gopireddy
Palguna Gopireddy on 27 Nov 2022 at 6:27
See this link


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