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Ro Sch
Ro Sch on 7 Oct 2021
Answered: Image Analyst on 7 Oct 2021
I have saved some data in a structure in the following way:
driver(1).status = 1;
driver(2).status = 3;
driver(3).status = 4;
driver(1).position = 7;
driver(2).position = 4;
driver(3).position = 2;
What I would like to do now is get a vector of the driver.status for example, so receive a vector that says [1,3,4].
When I use the command driver.status, I however get the following output:
ans =
ans =
ans =
I have not found any way so far how to tell Matlab what I want, I am sure there is some function or way of calling the variable but I haven't found that yet. Thanks for your help!

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KSSV on 7 Oct 2021

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Oct 2021
Try this:
vec = [driver.status]

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