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lookup table for a function

Hey guys I'm trying to use a lookup table for a function that is not monotonically increasing, but simulink is saying to me that the points of this function should be monotonically increasing. How do I do this:


on 27 Aug 2014
Use multiple tables where each complies with the rules -- but how are you going to know which is the correct response when there are two (or more) possible values (which, of course, is why the restriction in the first place)???
Ok. But if my function is monotonically decreasing it gives me the same warning. Actually, for me, only the decreasing part of the function is enough.
on 27 Aug 2014
I don't know Simulink but that surprises me that decreasing monotonically is an issue. Are you sure it is monotonic or does it have a repeated value, maybe?
Mayhaps need to see the data to comment further...

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Answer by Danilo NASCIMENTO on 29 Aug 2014
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I've already solved it!

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on 29 Aug 2014
And the answer was/is???

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Answer by Amira benAmeur on 28 Nov 2017
Edited by Amira benAmeur on 29 Nov 2017

if you have decimal numbers in your data entries make sure that you didn't use ',' instead of '.' in the decimal number


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