PSAT does not work

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Tamam Baashn
Tamam Baashn on 13 Oct 2021
Commented: Tamam Baashn on 14 Oct 2021
I have installed PSAT in MATLAB. However, whenever I open the past, and try to Open Data File, I receive the following errors:
Error using settings
Too many output arguments.
Error in matlab.ui.internal.dialog.DialogUtils.checkDecaf (line 55)
sett = settings;
Error in matlab.ui.internal.utils.checkJVMError (line 11)
isdecaf = matlab.ui.internal.dialog.DialogUtils.checkDecaf;
Error in warnfiguredialog (line 8)
Error in uiwait (line 40)
Error in fm_set (line 463)
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.
I appreciate any help!
Tamam Baashn
Tamam Baashn on 14 Oct 2021
Yes. The sourse link is below:
Do you think the errors are due to the product or that I did something wrong?

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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 14 Oct 2021
I suspect that toolbox has a settings.m file that is in conflict with the settings function included in MATLAB. You can check this using the which function. What does the command below display?
which -all settings
If my suspicion is correct you should ask the authors of that toolbox to rename that function.
Tamam Baashn
Tamam Baashn on 14 Oct 2021
I have changed the psat file name into (psat_settings.m) and modified the call to that file in line 231 from psat.m (version 2.1.11)
Now, I do not recieve the previous errors anymore. However, whenever, I try to open data file, I cannot find any file in psat format, although there is files in this format: (ThreeArea_mdl.m) for example.
Any idea what happened there?

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