Issues converting complex software written using guide to AppDesigner

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I have a complex piece of data plotting software that I've developed over the past several years. It has multiple GUI's with lots of .m files and multiple .fig files developed using guide.
As a try out, I converted the main GUI to a .mlapp file using the AppDesigner convertion tool, now lots of parts of the software no longer work and I'm working through it. I'm not even getting into the complex fnctionality of the software yet, just the main GUI which loads data and plots it.
A few questions:
1) Am I right in saying that where we used to have 2 seperate files for GUI (a .fig file and a .m file) these are now combined together into a single .mlapp file that contains both the code and the graphics?
2) The Code View in AppDesigner seems to have drastically limited functionality compared to editing a .m file in MATLAB. I have no workspace, no command window, no reporting tools, no variables window... is this by design or am i missing something?
2b) Is there a workaround or good practice approach to this? Do I need to repackage all the code that was in the main GUI's .m file into lots of functions and call them from the .mlapp file? That way the hard to edit .mlapp file is more simple with the complexity in the .m functions that I can edit it MATLAB.
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Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper on 3 Dec 2021
It is not obvious how to set a breakpoint in AppDesigner, but it can be done. Clicking on the line number results in the color change as shown below (make sure you saved the app first). Then when you run it will pause at that point in your code. You can then look at variables in the local workspace.

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