I am a single person business; may I install Matlab on my laptop computer as well as my desktop computer on the same license?

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Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith on 18 Oct 2021
Commented: Jackie Smith on 21 Oct 2021
I need Matlab when I travel and I can't travel with my desktop computer; therefore, It would be very benificial for me load Matlab on my labtop computer.
Jack Smith PE
License [SL: removed license number]

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 18 Oct 2021
For an official answer to licensing questions, please contact Customer Service and/or your sales representative.
Depending on what you need to do with MATLAB when you travel MATLAB Online may also be an option.
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Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith on 21 Oct 2021
This is the answer i chose and Stephanie from customer service was a great help. She answered my question totally.
Jack Smith PE

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