How to install new toolbox in existing MATLAB?

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Tan Biru
Tan Biru on 5 Oct 2014
Commented: Tan Biru on 6 Oct 2014
Dear MATLAB Community,
I am trying to install new Matlab's symbolic math toolbox, as I need the ilaplace function. I am using the student version 2014a. I run the zip installer, downloaded and installed the new toolbox. However, I still could not run the ilaplace function from Matlab. I checked the installation directory and ilaplace is in the installation at MATLAB\R2014a\toolbox\symbolic\symbolic\@sym and MATLAB\R2014a\toolbox\symbolic\symbolic\@sym\ja. But still I cannot access this function from Matlab command.
Is there something I missed?
Thank you.
Regards, Tan

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