Calculate the Imax using Imax = Vmax / |Z|

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Jim Hamill
Jim Hamill on 28 Oct 2014
Answered: Venkatesh Huilgol on 18 May 2021
When a battery is replaced with an AC power supply with voltage Vmax = 240V and frequency f = 50Hz. Using ω = 2πf the impedance Z of the circuit is given by Z = R + 1/(jωC). Find the maximum current Imax using: Imax = Vmax / Z
I am supposed to find this answer using matlab but I am struggling to find out how to find R and C to put into the equation. Any help would be appreciated

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Venkatesh Huilgol
Venkatesh Huilgol on 18 May 2021
Dear sir My sub: [vMax,iMax] = max(V2) How to solve the problem sir & one example sir

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