MOSFET SPICE models .lib file into Simulink using subcircuit2ssc

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I am attempting to import the 1200 V Infineon device models into Matlab Simulink using 'subcircuit2ssc', however when I attempt to in Matlab I get the error:
"Subcircuit delimiters is not in expected format.
Error in spiceSubckt
Error in subcircuit2ssc"
I have changed the numbers such as MEGA to 1e9 etc and ** to ^ to match Matlab use but still get the same errors. Any suggestions on other sections of the .lib to change in order to make it work?
The original model code is attached.

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David John
David John on 16 Dec 2021
Most likely this is because you have nested subcircuits. In particular, there is:
.ENDS TO263_7_11_HVM_1G75_1S500_100MHz_parlel
.ENDS TO263_7_11_HVM_1G75_1S500_100MHz
Please try getting rid of the nesting. This can be achieved by cutting the line:
.ENDS TO263_7_11_HVM_1G75_1S500_100MHz
and pasting it just above the line
.SUBCKT TO263_7_11_HVM_1G75_1S500_100MHz_half 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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hugo c
hugo c on 17 Dec 2021
Great! That was it - not sure how I kept misssing that so many thanks for taking the time to look through
(For anyone interested I also had to change DC=0 to DC 0 and add a few missing curly brackets throughout the file after making the suggested edit to make it fully work)

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