Saving column headers to vector

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I have a xlsx file which contains a set of rows and columns (26x13) but the set of columns may vary. So for each column there is a header in the xlsx, and I uses readtable to open the xlsx.
I have now divided so I get the data out from each column, but how do I save the header name? I want to be able to save the header name into some sort of string/vector so that when displaying the data it simply can be refered to that header(set of data).
files.path = '.'; % Absolute/relative path to where the selected file exist
[filename path] = uigetfile([files.path '*.txt; *.TAC; *.xlsx;'], 'Choose TAC file of .xlxs format');
t = readtable(filename,'VariableNamingRule','preserve');
A = table2array(t);
num = cellfun(@str2num,A);
[numrows, numcol] = size(num);
for i = 1:numcol
roi.names{i} = t{}; % Here I want to loop over the column headers and save down the header name into a string/vector

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 1 Feb 2022
You may retrieve the header name in a cell array as follows:
Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 1 Feb 2022
You may accept the answer if you find it useful. Thank you.

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