How to break with two conditions

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Moe on 26 Nov 2014
Commented: Adam on 1 Dec 2014
I want to break my code
when both m and m2m is smaller than 0
I used the following command, but it gave me error:
if m(:,:,j) < 0 AND m2m(:,:,j) < 0
break % get out of the for-loop
% Undefined function 'AND' for input arguments of type 'char'.
% Error in new55 (line 340)
if m(:,:,j) < 0 AND
m2m(:,:,j) < 0

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Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Nov 2014
m(:,:,j) and m2(:,:,j) are not single numbers. They're 2D arrays. I suggest you wrap them in any() or all(), depending on what you're wanting - any element to meet the criteria or all of the elements in the 2D matrix to meet the criteria. Plus use && instead of AND:
if all(m(:,:,j)) < 0 && all(m2m(:,:,j)) < 0
Adam on 1 Dec 2014
Yeah, I guess a squeeze may be needed and maybe an all( all( ... ) ).
I created functions called
in our Matlab library that just warp up the functionality for making a matrix a column ( i.e. the (:) notation ) and a row (transpose of column notation) so that I can use them in situations like this because Matlab does not allow syntax like:
which is what you'd need to do to achieve the same thing in non-function syntax.

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Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold on 26 Nov 2014
Instead of AND, use &&
if m(:,:,j) < 0 && m2m(:,:,j) < 0
'AND' will not work. Make that change and start debugging from there.
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Stephen23 on 1 Dec 2014
As Image Analyst points out " m(:,:,j) and m2(:,:,j) are not single numbers. They're 2D arrays", so the scalar operator && will not work like that. These arrays need to be wrapped in an all or any (or something similar) before applying the && operator:
if all(m(:,:,j) < 0 ) && all(m2m(:,:,j) < 0 )

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