Raspberry Pi Pico - Using Thingspeak with SIM800L

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Hakan Onay
Hakan Onay on 19 Feb 2022
Commented: Vishnu Charan on 1 Jun 2022
Hello Everyone,
I am trying to send sensor values through SIM800L GPRS Interface connected with Raspberry Pi Pico (Micropython). I couldn't find any examples or guide for this specific microcontroller. Could somebody recommend me sources, examples or information on this? Basically I do not know which AT commands should i send for Thingspeak interface.
Many Thanks.
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Vishnu Charan
Vishnu Charan on 1 Jun 2022
Hey I am searching for the same thing, i tried using AT command copied from some Arduino program but stuck at last point while sending the data.. Is your query resolved yet?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 7 Mar 2022
This example is for Arduino, but you make be able to get the commands from that demo. Ive seen a lot of Sim800 stuff on the wild web, but we dont have an internal example unfortunately.


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