Change stackedplot YLabel?

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I have a stackedplot with a series of 10 charts and they all have a default YLabel 'Column #'.
It's there any way to change that default?
Thank you

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Dave B
Dave B on 7 Mar 2022
Edited: Dave B on 7 Mar 2022
The DisplayLabels property gives you access to the y labels:
set(sp, 'DisplayLabels',["Apples" "Oranges" "Pears" "Plums"])
% Or you could specify them in the call to stackedplot:
% stackedplot(rand(10,4), 'DisplayLabels', ["Apples" "Oranges" "Pears" "Plums"])
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Denis Manolescu
Denis Manolescu on 7 Mar 2022
marvellous, Dave B.

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