Does the location of Solver Configuration matters?

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Yun-Chi Yang
Yun-Chi Yang on 8 Apr 2022
Commented: David John on 19 Apr 2022
In simscape we need to put solver configuration, and I always wonder,
does the location of solver configuration matters? Can I just put it anywhere?

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David John
David John on 11 Apr 2022
The location doesn't matter. It just needs to be connected to something from the physical Simscape network.
David John
David John on 19 Apr 2022
There should be one Solver Configuration block for each physical network. You can have more than one physical network inside a single slx/mdl file, and each one should have its own Solver Configuration block.
See also the documentation linked to by Ganesh.

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Ganesh Gudipati
Ganesh Gudipati on 12 Apr 2022
The location of any block in the simscape will not effect the model. The way we connect the blocks is all that matters.

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