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Igor Severov
Igor Severov on 2 May 2022
How do I set the minimum and maximum date in the free version? Thank you in advance
Igor Severov
Igor Severov on 2 May 2022
I mean to set the date range for a chart display,

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 3 May 2022
If you click the pencil icon on the top of a field chart, you can choose the number of points or number of days to display. The date range always ends at the present time.
If you create a custom Visualization in the MATLAB visualizations app, you can set whatever date range you want, by first reading in the range of data you want from your channel using thingSpeakRead.
Here is an example:
[data,timestamps,channelInfo] = thingSpeakRead(12397,Fields=[1 4],...
In the Charts display endpoint, you can select a daterange using a query parameter, and the endpoint will return a custom chart in your browser.


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