moving average at matrix data

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Daniel Christover
Daniel Christover on 11 May 2022
Commented: Prakash S R on 11 May 2022
how do i find the moving average or running mean from my data ?

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Prakash S R
Prakash S R on 11 May 2022
Prakash S R
Prakash S R on 11 May 2022
That depends on what your data looks like. You are not giving much information to help us help you..
Have you been able to read the data into a Matlab as an array?
Let us say you were able to read the .txt file and construct a matrix A with 43 rows and 13 columns
What do the rows and columns represent? If I were to guess, I'll say that the columns are months, and the data is not really a matrix, but represents a single time-seies of 516 consecutive months. I guess you are interested in doing a moving window average over a certain number of months. Am I correct? If not, stop reading the rest of the comment!
If so, your first task is to convert your 43x13 matrix into a 1x516 vector, by dropping the first column (of year numbers) and then reshaping the 43x12 matrix (ROW-WISE!!) into a 1x516 vector B.
After that, doing the moving average of 4 months is simply
avgB = movmean(B,4)

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