How to add header row to cell array?

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Mariagrazia Ambrosino
Mariagrazia Ambrosino on 12 May 2022
Hi everyone.
I have a cell array like this:
I would like to add a header row with the following fields: ['Type' 'Latency' 'Description'].
I've tried the reshape function but can't get good results. Can anyone help me please?

Answers (1)

dpb on 12 May 2022
A cell array doesn't have the facility for headers, per se; if you add to it you've effectively created more data -- and when you go to use the data, then you have to remove or not reference that row to operate on the data alone. This is a lot of effort.
I'd suggest to use a table instead; you get the header effectively for free from the column/variable names.

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