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unable to locate 'mexopts.bat' in matlab version 7.9.0(R2009b)

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santhi krishna
santhi krishna on 1 Oct 2011
Hi, I'm a PG student, doing my project using matlab software. Initially I had started working with matlab version 7.8.0(r2009a), then I had changed to work with matlab version 7.9.0(r2009b). Now I had faced a problem. The problem is that, model files which I had designed with the version 7.8.0, shows a runtime error in the version 7.9.0. Error is that 1. Code error: Unable to locate 'mexopts.bat', and therfore cannot determine which compiler to use for similation builds. use mex-setup to select a supported compiler. 2. Model error 3. Parse log
Which compiler should I select for mex-setup error?
So pls help me to solve this problem.


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Accepted Answer

Jan on 1 Oct 2011
  1. Run mex -setup manually from the command line.
  2. Select the compiler, you have installed.
  3. If you did not install a compiler already, install one. Here is a list of compatible compilers. (Currently the server is down, so please wait. 01-Oct-2011 10:29 UTC)


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