Unable to retrieve data from Thingspeak API (PurpleAir)

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I am having trouble accessing the Thingspeak API with PurpleAir.
Currently my code contains this,
temp_df = pd.read_csv(StringIO(requests.get("https://api.thingspeak.com/channels/"+repr(id)+"/feeds.csv?resutls=8000&api_key="+api+"&end="+end_time).text))
where api_key is retrived from api.purpleair and end_time is for my time period.
Now it just returns -1.
This code worked before for several years however it stopped working today. I assume it blocked me out from accessing the data. How can I fix this?
Kyongwon Yoo
Kyongwon Yoo on 19 May 2022
There was a problem on Thingspeak API, but now the problem is resolved. Thanks.

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Answers (1)

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 19 May 2022
Thank you for noting that the issue you had is resolved. If you are reading multiple channels, please be sure to use a short delay between each read attempt, so as not to create undue burden on the server.

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