Testing a cell array if it is a string

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I want to test a cell array to see if its contents are a string.
The function iscellstr checks to see if the contents of the cell are a character vector, not a string. Bad naming of a function in my opinion.
I am trying to test the cell array element if it is a string for error checking prior to use. This would be similar to isnumeric.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 19 May 2022
a={'abc', 123, 'xyz',0};
b = 1×4 logical array
1 0 1 0
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Jeffrey Beckstead
Jeffrey Beckstead on 20 May 2022
The example you used are character vectors ( single quotes ). The strings that are generated are double quotes. Your suggestion did allow me to figure out how to use the function isstring on the cell array elements.
a = {"abc", 123, 'xyz', 0};
b =
1×4 logical array
1 0 0 0
Thank you

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