How to change a global variable name in simulink (containing Data Store Memory)

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Hi everyone.
When I type
open_system([docroot, '/toolbox/simulink/examples/dsm_demo'])
in MATLAB command box, a simulink model opens and fully works. (As you can try)
I changed matlab function inside the model to
function y = fcn
global B;
B = B+1;
y = B;
and renamed data store memory to 'B' (even I clicked on 'refresh')
But after that simulink gives an error as below:
"Data Store Memory block with name 'A' was not found for chart 'MATLAB Function'."
Can anyone help me to find out what's wrong? I'm testing that code to use it in my main project.

Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 31 May 2022
On the MATLAB Function block Editor, click "Edit Data" and rename another "A" there.

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