'Value' must be double scalar within the range of 'Limits'

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Lola on 16 Jun 2022
Commented: Adam Danz on 16 Jun 2022
Hi. I am creating a gui on appdesigner. I am reading numeric data from a csv file and storing this data in an array. I want to calculate the standard deviation of the values store in the array and display it on the numeric edit field. The error I get is 'Value' must be a double scalar within the range of 'Limits'. But my Limit of the editfield is -Inf,Inf. The csv file is attached and the code is provided below. Please assist.
I tried editing the code to :
But the error still pops up.
Lola on 16 Jun 2022
Hi. I have attached the csv file that has the results in it. It is column 2. I'm reading the values after 9 rows

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 16 Jun 2022
Edited: Adam Danz on 16 Jun 2022
Your data contains a NaN value.
n = sum(isnan(col_vec));
fprintf('There are %d NaN values in col_vec\n', n)
There are 1 NaN values in col_vec
ans = NaN
Where is the NaN value?
nanLoc = find(isnan(col_vec));
fprintf('NaN in row %d', nanLoc)
NaN in row 789
When there is at least 1 NaN in a vector, std will return NaN.
  1. Figure out why there are NaNs and replace them (manually, smoothing, interpolation, etc)
  2. Ignore the NaNs: S = std(___,nanflag)
sd = std(col_vec,'omitnan')
sd = 37.5436

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