minibatchqueue without shuffling by default

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mbq = minibatchqueue(ads,MiniBatchSize=miniBatchSize,MiniBatchFormat="BC");
If without mbq.shuffle, mbq retains the original sequence in ads? That is, minibatchqueue just cuts ads into length(ads)/miniBatchSize*portions?
e.g. ads=arrayDatastore(linspace(0,2,1000),IterationDimension=1) and if miniBatchSize=100, then the 1st batch of mbq is just [0, ..., 0.2]?

Accepted Answer

Ben on 12 Jul 2022
I think you need to use IterationDimension=2 to read out [0, ..., 0.2] in one mini-batch:
mbq = minibatchqueue(ads,MiniBatchSize=miniBatchSize,MiniBatchFormat="BC");
batch = next(mbq);
This will read out a batch of 100 observations, first [0, ..., 0.1982], then [0.2002,...,0.3984] etc. These will be output as 1x100 dlarray with "CB" labels - i.e. a batch of 100 observations.

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