Create black columns/rows in image.

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Raldi on 26 Feb 2015
Commented: Raldi on 26 Feb 2015
Hi everyone,
I have an image and I want to only keep visible small patches of lets say 8x8 alternatively.
So I start at the beginning keep the first 8x8 patch, move right, make black the next patch, and so on until the end.
After that I move to the next row and I make the first patch black since we kept the one above it.
Moving like this I create a sort of a check board where the white parts have my original image.
What I did till now is
for ii = 1:it
Image = Image(1:step:end, 1:step:end);
After that I create a matrix of zeros at the dimensions of my original image and paint my under-sampled image
imageNew(1:step:end, 1:step:end) = Image;
This does not create the check-board effect though and I don't even know if it is good enough regarding the time it needs to run.
Has anyone any idea of how to go on about doing this?

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 26 Feb 2015
I would do it like this:
pattern = zeros(11, 10); %number of rows must be odd
pattern(1:2:end) = 1;
mycheckerboard = imresize(pattern, 30, 'nearest');
Raldi on 26 Feb 2015
I am accepting this answer since it will help whoever read this to acieve what he want faster.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Feb 2015
Why not simply use the checkerboard() function?????
Raldi on 26 Feb 2015
I will try both suggestions and see how they work. Thanks for your time.

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