How to divide by zero during transition from positive to negative value?

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I have a simulink block to calculate the stopping distance of the vehicle d= v²/(2(mu)(g)), as you can see i have division by 'mu' and the value of 'mu' changes from positive value to negative value, and during this transition 'mu' becomes zero momemtarily and then division by zero is invalid. Can someone please suggest me some method.
Thank you.

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Matt J
Matt J on 27 Feb 2015
Edited: Matt J on 27 Feb 2015
If a result lacks a common definition, then the definition is something you must provide! To my mind, distances should always be positive. Why is mu allowed to become <=0 when it clearly gives a non-physical distance result? Or, if mu=0 does have some physical meaning for you, what is the result you expect for d when it happens?


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