Superposition of contour and contourf

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samen on 21 Oct 2011
Answered: Rémi BERTRAND on 16 Oct 2018
I have two matrices of same dimensions. One can only contain three types of numbers (either 1 or 2 or 3). This matrix serves me to draw the boundaries of my system with the function contour (X, Y, domains). I use a personal colorbar with only three colors (white, girs, black).
The second is a matrix that contains the electric field and a much larger values (from 0 to 1500). I trace with contourf (X, Y, field). I need, in order to see clearly, more than 3 color. So I would like to use the colorbar (jet) for this curve.
The problem is that I want to superimpose the two curves, and if I do: hold on; colorbar (mycolorbar); contour (X, Y, domains, 2); colorbar (jet); contourf (X, Y, field); The jet colorbar applies to both, and I do not see the features of the contour function (X, Y, domains, 2).
Do you know how can I do?
Thank you and good day

Answers (2)

Patrick Kalita
Patrick Kalita on 21 Oct 2011
The issue arises from the fact that the colormap is a per figure (as opposed to per axes or per object) property. This support document outlines one way to try to work around the issue, but I'll admit it is rather complicated. You can also have a look at freezeColors on the File Exchange.

Rémi BERTRAND on 16 Oct 2018
You can just add "hold on"

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