how can I display values of variables which changes wrt time in figure.

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pratik kadam
pratik kadam on 3 Apr 2015
Answered: Mahdiyar on 3 Apr 2015
I'm using pause cmd to display dyanamics in figure... but i'm unable to display values of variables which i'm plotting..
clc;clear all;close all; sym x; f=x.^2; tt=linspace(0,10); for i=2:length(tt) p=tt(1,1:i); plot(p,f(p)); h=plot(p(1,end),f(p(1,end)),'ro'); pause(.1); delete(h); end
%%% i would like to display values in following manner %%% variable value=2 %%% function value=4

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Mahdiyar on 3 Apr 2015
Hi kadam
Why you do not save the values if you need to monitor those values?


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