compiler error during ros code generation

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Andinet el 19 de Sept. de 2023
Respondida: Denis Gurchenkov el 26 de Sept. de 2023
Running colcon build in folder '/test'.
Build in progress. This may take several minutes...Error building package: build_log.
Error(s) encountered while building "mynode2"
Build error: C++ compiler produced errors. See the Build Log for further details.
More information
Code generation failed: View Error Report
Mex is configured to use Microsoft Visual 2022 for C++, I have also switched to the 2019 option. I have reason to believe that this had to do with changes made in the latest 2023b release. I generated code with the 2023a a while back, but with the same compiler setting I am now seeing compiler errors in 2023b. The Python environment is created with v3.10.
I am testing code generation with the following basic ROS2 publisher node.
function mynode2
domainID = 10;
Name = "/PosePrintNode";
PoseNode = ros2node(Name, domainID);
pose_sub = ros2publisher(PoseNode, ...
% Display X position
msg = ros2message("geometry_msgs/Pose");
while (1)
msg.position.x = rand(1);
fprintf("Position = %f\n",msg.position.x)
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Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov el 20 de Sept. de 2023
The error log you posteed contains this: View Error Report
This is a hyperlink that should open a UI window, and at the bottom, there is a "build log" tab. Can you look there, what is the contents?
Andinet el 22 de Sept. de 2023
CMake Error at C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2023b/bin/win64/cmake/share/cmake-3.25/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:230 (message): Could NOT find PkgConfig (missing: PKG_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE) Call Stack (most recent call first): C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2023b/bin/win64/cmake/share/cmake-3.25/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:600 (_FPHSA_FAILURE_MESSAGE) C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2023b/bin/win64/cmake/share/cmake-3.25/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:99 (find_package_handle_standard_args) CMakeLists.txt:19 (find_package) -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

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Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov el 26 de Sept. de 2023
Hi Andinet, I suspect there is some kind of cmake configuraiton issue on your system. Google search for "could not find pkgconfig" gives links like this one:


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