Can some explain why when I tried to display two images side by side it not only didn't display the two images side by side but displayed one image that now had green in it.

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I used imshowpair(I,B); (what I named the images) and it gave me one of my images with green in it. My only explanation is that the two iamges were folded on each other, but then why the green in it when they were both black and white? Please assist.
Thank you
P.S. - Still don't know how to display the images side by side

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 19 Apr 2015
Neo - imshowpair displays the differences between two images. The green is no doubt illustrating a difference between the two.
As for showing the two images side by side, if the images are of the same dimension (same height and width) then you could concatenate the two into a single image (matrix) and then show that combined image.

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coolguynp on 19 Apr 2015
Edited: coolguynp on 19 Apr 2015
To display images side by side, you can use subplot. The first 2 parameters define the number of cells in the subplot grid. The last parameter defines the n^th cell of the grid arranged row-wise.
I1 = imread('.../img1');
I2 = imread('.../img2');
subplot(1,2,1); imshow(I1);
subplot(1,2,2); imshow(I2);

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