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Creating a NetCDF (.nc) file with variables that contain a different dimension

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I am in the process of creating a code that converts various global grids taken along a time series (a few months) into a NetCDF (.nc) file (i.e. lon x lat x time). I have understood the general process of netcdf. Unfortunately I can't manage to save the grids with different sizes in different variables. If it is possible at all, how does this work?
Below is a code example that throws an error because it does not contain the same dimension:
grid1 = ones(180 , 360 , 5); % e.g. 180°x360° grid along 5 months
grid2 = ones(180 , 360 , 8); % e.g. 180°x360° grid along 8 months
grid3 = ones( 90 , 180 , 5); % e.g. 90°x180° grid along 5 months
nccreate("","grid1","Dimensions", {"lat",180,"lon",360,"t",5},"Format","classic");
nccreate("","grid2","Dimensions", {"lat",180,"lon",360,"t",8},"Format","classic");
Error using (line 1174)
Cannot create dimension 't' of length 8. '/' already defines a fixed length dimension of the same name with length 5. Existing dimensions cannot be resized.

Error in (line 289)
this.createDimension(defgid, ...

Error in (line 422)
this.createDimensions(groupName, dimensions);

Error in nccreate (line 182)
ncObj.createVariable(varName, varargin{:})
nccreate("","grid3","Dimensions", {"lat", 90,"lon",180,"t",5},"Format","classic");
Is it somehow possible not to define the dimension globally for all variables or is there any other possibility?

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Ayush Modi
Ayush Modi el 14 de Mayo de 2024
Hi Simon,
You can define different dimension for each variable while creating the variables using "nccreate" function. Here is the modified code to achieve the same:
nccreate("", "grid1", "Dimensions", {"lat1", 180, "lon1", 360, "t1", 5}, "Format", "classic");
nccreate("", "grid2", "Dimensions", {"lat2", 180, "lon2", 360, "t2", 8}, "Format", "classic");
nccreate("", "grid3", "Dimensions", {"lat3", 90, "lon3", 180, "t3", 5}, "Format", "classic");
% Note, Dimension argument is added in each "nccreate" statement to define
% different dimensions for each variable.
Please refer to the following MathWorks documentation for more information on "Dimension" argument in "nccreate" function:





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