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Getting weekend (Saturday+Sunday) profiles from a yearly load profile 8760 data points

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I have a year (2014) dataset of i.e 8760 (column 8760by1) data points, and I want to get from this dataset:
1. Weekdays data for each Month and each hour (1:24). 2.Peak values for each Month (Jan:Dec) and each hour(1:24). 3.Weekend(Saturday+Sunday) data for each Month (Jan:Dec) and each hour(1:24).
It would be great to have a code to manipulate this in MATLAB. Any suggestions?

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Ingrid on 12 Jun 2015
You should use a combination of histc and accumarray together on
1) weekday and datevec
2) datevec and max and
3) weekday and datevec


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