How to ignore additional columns when reading a file using textscan?

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I want to extract the 3rd column which contains the time data. I have managed to do it using
if true
f = fopen ('trial1.csv');
C = textscan(f,'%n %n %s','Delimiter',',','HeaderLines', 1)
DateVector = datevec(TimeStamp)
In the future, I can have additional 50(for eg) new columns. I want to know is there way in matlab such that i do not define these additonal columns which can comprise of string, floating numbers etc. My textscan will become so big! Any other way of extracting the time values in column 3?
2. Secondly, why is my timeStamp value not including the seconds? It is only including until the minutes!
Please find attached the trial1.csv file

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Ingrid on 16 Jun 2015
just type doc textscan and you can find this there. So you need to add the * after the % sign for data that you do not want to read in
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Iain on 18 May 2016
Also using %*[^\n] at the end of the formatting string allows you to skip to the end of the line which I think is what you were asking about "not define these additonal columns"

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