How to join two matrices together

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Moe on 26 Jun 2015
Edited: Moe on 26 Jun 2015
I have two for loops that in each iteration is producing n & m series of data for Start_MS (i) & Duration_MS (i) & Start_DS (j) & Duration_DS (j).
n = randi([1, 5]);
for i=1:n
Start_MS (i) = rand();
Duration_MS (i) = Start_MS (i) +12;
m = randi([1, 6]);
for j=1:m
Start_DS (j) = rand();
Duration_DS (j) = Start_DS (j) +12;
I want to bring all of the output in one matrix that started with first loop and followed by second loop. Also, first column to be Start_MS (!) and second column is Duration_SW (!) [! = i or j]. For example if n is 2 & m is 3, then:
Output: [3,14;5,18;7,10;5,10;2,16];
Furthermore, I need another description name matrix such that just name of array appear on it. For example if n is 2 % m is 3, then:
Legend = {'Start_MS','Duration_MS','Start_MS','Duration_MS','Start_DS','Duration_DS','Start_DS','Duration_DS''Start_DS','Duration_DS'};

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