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Raldi on 1 Dec 2011
Hi everyone
I was wondering what is the proper way to apply lets say a lowpass Butterworth filter and a hamming window into a sound i just loaded in Matlab?
Thanks in advance.

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 1 Dec 2011
Not sure why you want to apply both the Hamming window and use the Butterworth filter. But say you have the Butterworth filter as coefficients B and A, then use:
output = filter(B,A,input);
If you have the Butterworth filter as a filter object, Hd,
output = filter(Hd,input);
If you wanted to apply the Hamming window before you filter,
output = filter(B,A,input.*hamming(length(input)));
After filtering,
output = output.*hamming(length(output));
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Raldi on 1 Dec 2011
Thanks Wayne, very useful comment.

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