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Raldi on 4 Dec 2011
Commented: ali hamadi on 23 Feb 2017
How can i load a .mat file from a gui and store its contents (3 rows of numbers) into a matrix?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Dec 2011
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Dec 2011
The eval is totally unneeded.

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ali hamadi
ali hamadi on 16 Feb 2017
Hi everyone ,
i am new in MATLAB , and i have done my project in it and now i need to create a GUI for my project.
using the GUI , i should be able to have the following things : in my project i have 2 different channels with their results. ( AWGN , BEC )
in each channel for example : AWGN , i have different SNR from 0.5 till 3.5.
in each value of the SNR , i have different code length values like : ( 8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048)
for each code length i have stored results .MAT file , in that file i need to extract a variable called indeces(order of numbers) , and then do some calculation ( show the first 10% , 20% , 30% ...100% of that variable indeces in a txt.file.
so the main idea is : select the channel type , select the SNR values , select the CODE LENGTH , choose the percentage , after that show the results in a .txt file so how to link all the above options together with the right results file. your help is appreciated and helpful...
ali hamadi
ali hamadi on 23 Feb 2017
Dear Walter ,
sorry for disturbing you , but i really need your help. now i have all the needed variables in one .mat file. still need to link between the conditions : CHANNEL TYPE , SNR/PE , CODE LENGTH , AND the needed variable. like : channel type : AWGN , SNR : 3.5 : CODE LENGTH : 2048 ===>> SHOW THE RESULTS OF THAT VARIABLE : AWGN_2048_1MI_35.MAT

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