Add Reset Function to Simscape Integrator Block

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William Hunt
William Hunt on 20 Jul 2015
Answered: David John on 19 Apr 2022
I am trying to add a reset input to a custom integrator block using simscape. If the reset input is 1, the integrator will function normally and if the reset input is 0 it will reset to the initial condition. To achieve this I was attempting to set variable x to the initial condition (x0) when "reset == 0" but do not know how to populate the else condition to keep x the same if "reset == 1" ("if" must be accompanied by "else" in simscape language according to documentation). I tried setting x == x but this did not work. The code I have is written below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I = { 0, '1' }; % A:left
r = { 0, '1' }; % r:left
O = { 0, '1' }; % B:right
x0 = { 0, '1' }; % Initial condition
variables(Access = public)
x = { 0, '1' };
function setup
x = x0;
if r <= 0
x == x0; % Reset x
%Do nothing
x.der == I * { 1, '1/s' };
O == x; % Set output
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Mathew Thorne
Mathew Thorne on 7 Dec 2017
Did you ever find a solution for this problem?
Using 2014b. Only solution I could think of was having an if statement, and setting the else to integrating a large positive or negative constant till i get close to zero.
But this defiantly not a good solution.

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Answers (2)

Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit on 24 Jan 2018
I am not a Simscape developer, but from what I know Simscape will not let you manually reset integrators. A work around is to use a Simulink integrator and Simulink-PS Converter blocks.

David John
David John on 19 Apr 2022
In 2018 it was true that Simscape did not let you reset integrators. In a more recent release, however, you can do it using the attached code at least since R2021a.

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