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Input has is 6*1 matrix but simulink displays only 5*1

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Hi, I wanted to display a 6*1 matrix but i only get it's last 5 elements (i.e. the first element doesn't appaear..)
Here's the Simulink blocks and the input variable in Matlab:


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Accepted Answer

Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman on 16 Sep 2015
When you use the From Workspace block with a matrix format (as you are doing here), each row of the matrix has a time stamp in the first column. The vector containing the corresponding data is in the subsequent column(s). Basically, the first entry in your matrix is going to be interpreted as a time stamp, and effectively ignored in this case. I'd suggest adding an extra zero in front.


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Med Aymane Ahajjam
Med Aymane Ahajjam on 16 Sep 2015
Okay, i see.. thanks for your reply , i'll do that :)


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