conversion of a date/time column into serial date number and seperate time column

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I have a table in table format and it has 6 columns and 6 million rows.
The first column has dates and time in such a format '20050103 014800' which stands for 3rd January 2005 01:48:00.
I want the date of the first column to be converted into a date serial number which can be recognized by matlab (ie. via datenum). The time section I want to put into a seperate adjacent column in the format 00:00-->0, 00:01-->1 up until 23:59-->1439. can anyone help me? thanks

Accepted Answer

Ingrid on 28 Oct 2015
use datenum and a format specifier (assuming X is your variable and Y is the requested variable)
numFormat = datenum(X{:,1},'yyyymmdd HHMMSS');
Y(:,1)= round(numFormat);
Y(:,2)= hour(numFormat)*60 + minute(numFormat);
Ingrid on 28 Oct 2015
indeed a very valid remark, you just want to remove the values after the point and not use round, sorry for my mistake

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Thorsten on 28 Oct 2015
Edited: Thorsten on 28 Oct 2015
s = '20050103 014800';
dat = datenum([s(1:8)], 'yyyymmdd')
min = sscanf(s(10:11), '%f')*60 + sscanf(s(12:13), '%f')

AA on 28 Oct 2015
thanks to both of you. how do i put the newly generated column 1 and column 2 together as a matrix with the remaining 4 columns in the table so that i have a matrix with 6 columns. i forgot to ask this question. thanks


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