Need help in running multiple loops and saving separately

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How can i run multiple for loops for different variables in my program, then automatically saving each variable value separately with their graph's?
for example i need to run my program with different m=[600,350,300,280,200,150,100], deltaCita=[0.1,0.01], and SNR=[30,20,10,5,0,-5,-7,-9,-11,-13] then automatically saving each test with their graphs separately???
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Eng. Fredius Magige
Eng. Fredius Magige on 29 Oct 2015
Hi, Brief and more elaboration is required; or simply, write down relevant area of your code

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Ingrid on 29 Oct 2015
you can use sprintf to generate a unique file name for which you will store your graph
so in each loop, after creation of your figure you need to write something like this
saveas(figH, sprintf('m_%3.0f_deltaCita_%2.1f_SNR_%3.0f.jpg',m,deltaCita,SNR));

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