Improper assignment with rectangular empty matrix

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Hi! I have a struct s, I want inizialize dateAll with a matrix of zeros different for every loop I try this two codes:
1) for i=1:106
this code run but return only the last value of dateAll
2) for i=1:106
To solve the problem of code 1) I think to use an index in dateAll but matlab generates an
error: 'Improper assignment with rectangular empty matrix'
Can you help me to find the error?

Answers (1)

Ingrid on 29 Oct 2015
first of all, do you want to store the values of dateAll for each iteration or do you only want to use it inside your dateloop?
if the first is what yo are trying to achieve you should write
dateAll{i} = zeros(size(s(1,i).locs),6);
Ingrid on 29 Oct 2015
that is probably because you already have the dateAll variable in your workspace. Delete it first before trying again.

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