Print a Figure with two Y-Axes - displaced coordinate systems

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Fabian on 4 Jan 2012
Commented: Liviu Ivanescu on 27 Nov 2013
I got o problem with a figure where there are two Y-Axes. When I am in the print preview layout, I can see the coordinate system fitting well.
However, when I do print the figure, two coordinate systems are appearing and they are shifted, and the labels, ticks and curves are not matching any more. It looks like these coordinate systems are displaced, which has not appeared in the print preview.
Is there a way to fix it?
I am basically using this code:
% Plot V Nits and Temp Black Body with two Y-Axes
[AX,H1,H2] = plotyy(x,v_original,x,t_bb);
% Set Axis names & Grid on
% left Y-Axis
% set label
set(get(AX(1),'Ylabel'),'String','U_A [\mu V]', 'Color', 'black')
% set Axis values
set(AX(1),'YLim', [-50000 50000], 'YTick', -50000:10000:50000);
% right Y-Axis
% set label
set(get(AX(2),'Ylabel'),'String','Temperature[°C]', 'Color', 'black')
% set Axis values
set(AX(2),'YLim', [-50 50],'YTick', -50:5:50);
grid on;
% Set Curves color
% for V_original = Voltage THERMOPILE
set(H1,'Color',[0 0 0], 'LineStyle', '-');
% for T_bb = Temperature Blackbody
set(H2,'Color','red', 'LineStyle', '--', 'LineWidth', 2);
hold on
% mean values
H3 = bar(x,v_mean);
set(H3,'FaceColor',[.96 .92 .92], 'EdgeColor','none');
% median values
H4 = bar(x,v_median);
set(H4,'FaceColor',[.89 .94 .9], 'EdgeColor','none');
% standard deviation
H5 = bar(x,v_sd);
set(H5,'FaceColor',[.87 .92 .98], 'EdgeColor','none');
% Enable 2nd Y-Axis so multiple plots can be drawn
% depending on that scale
% temperature NITS
H6 = plot(AX(2),x, t_nits);
set(H6,'Color','green', 'LineStyle', '--', 'LineWidth', 2);
% Enable 2nd Y-Axis so multiple plots can be drawn
% depending on that scale
% temperature Amb
H7 = plot(AX(2),x, t_amb);
set(H7,'Color','blue', 'LineStyle', '--', 'LineWidth', 2);
title('T_A_m_b = -5°C');
xlabel('Zeit \tau in [s]');
legend('V_A', 'V_M_e_a_n', 'V_M_e_d_i_a_n', 'V_S_t_a_n_d_a_r_d', 'T_B_B', 'T_n_i_t_s', 'T_a_m_b', 'location', 'NorthWest');
hold off
Fabian on 5 Jan 2012
I am printing via the interactive Menu:
File - Print Preview - Print
I have already tried if the Orientation, the paper style or something else matters - unfortunately I always end up in the same result with the displaced coordinate systems.

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Answers (1)

Patrick Kalita
Patrick Kalita on 4 Jan 2012
This is just a guess, but you could try doing this at the end of your code:
set(AX, 'ActivePositionProperty', 'position');
where AX is the array hold the two axes handles.
Liviu Ivanescu
Liviu Ivanescu on 27 Nov 2013
This works if you print from command line, like Titus Edelhofer said! Thanks for the hint Patrick!

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