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Insert a label in waterfall plot

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Karthik Brs
Karthik Brs on 10 Nov 2015
Commented: Karthik Brs on 10 Nov 2015
Hello everyone! I would like to if anyone knows how to label a waterfall plot. I have a waterfall plot as shown in the figure. The lines represents the 'Engine orders'. I wish to have a text aside each line, such that it each line mentions the engine orders like a label. This is my code, just in case!
wf = waterfall([a1 a1 a1 a1]',[F1 F2 F3 F4]',[t1 t2 t3 t4]');
view([0 90]); %Sets the default viewport to X-Y plane
title('Campbell diagram','FontSize',16,'Fontweight','bold');
cb = colorbar('eastoutside');
set(get(cb,'title'),'string','Schalleistung in dB');
Thank you in advance!


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Joachim Schlosser
Joachim Schlosser on 10 Nov 2015
Edited: Joachim Schlosser on 10 Nov 2015
You are looking for annotations . If you want to add annotations graphically, use the plot tools .

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Karthik Brs
Karthik Brs on 10 Nov 2015
Actually I want to make the code robust, therefore I want to include it in the code, so that it works with any data. I just the plot to be easily readable. The code should work for any data with any time order! Any suggestions?

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