Simulink models auto simulation?

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GD on 13 Nov 2015
Edited: Sebastian Castro on 13 Nov 2015
I have a simulink model. It has two inputs in form of constant blocks. And I have a set of test cases where I need to simulate the model everytime with varying the value of one of the constant block. Right now 1. I run the simulation manually 2. then save the results 3. change the value of one constant block 4. rerun simulation 5. save the results 6. repeat steps 3 to 5. Is there any way to automate this process?

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 13 Nov 2015
Edited: Sebastian Castro on 13 Nov 2015
You can always write MATLAB code that loops through variable values and runs the Simulink model multiple times:
The best way to do this is to create variables for the two Constant block values. This lets you easily make modifications in your script:
C1 = 1;
C2 = 1;
simOut = sim('model', ... );
C1 = 5;
C2 = -42.675; % why not?
simOut = sim('model', ... );
... and so on.
- Sebastian

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