Error in port widths or dimensions in Flow State

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Josip Strutz
Josip Strutz on 14 Nov 2015
Answered: Shruti Sapre on 17 Nov 2015
I got an error in in port widths or dimensions in the attached flow state diagramm. It's my first diagramm, please be patient :)
"Output port 1 of 'Problem2/FSM Controller Mode/input events' is a one dimensional vector with 3 elements"

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Shruti Sapre
Shruti Sapre on 17 Nov 2015
Hi Josip,
There are two ways to avoid this error, depending if the ports are dynamically sized or not:
1. If the inputs and outputs have constant size, specify the dimensions manually as follows:
block.InputPort(1).Dimensions = 13;
block.InputPort(2).Dimensions = 1;
block.InputPort(3).Dimensions = 1;
block.InputPort(4).Dimensions = [3 8];
2. If the use of dynamically sized inputs/outputs is required, use the SetInpPortDims method as follows
block.RegBlockMethod('SetInputPortDimensions', @SetInpPortDims);
block.RegBlockMethod('SetOutputPortDimensions', @SetOutPortDims);
function SetInpPortDims(Block, port, dims)
Block.InputPort(port).Dimensions = dims;
If (port == 1)
Block.OutputPort(1).Dimensions = dims;
Hope this helps!

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