How can I read in a number from a file name?

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In my program the user selects a dicom file and I need to know a number that is contained within the file name.
For example, the file name could be "Image10_processed.dcm", and I want to take the 10 so I can use that to find the corresponding info in another file.
Is there a way that I can break the file name down and just take the number? I've looked elsewhere and there seems to be no simple solutions.
Any help is much appreciated.

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Shruti Sapre
Shruti Sapre on 20 Nov 2015
Hi Jack,
If you are storing the name of the file as a string, you can do something like this:
>>startIndex = sscanf(str, 'Image%d');
(I am assuming that the file name beings with "Image" here)
You could also use "regexp":
>>expression = '[0-9]';
Hope this helps!
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Jack Miskell
Jack Miskell on 24 Nov 2015
Thank you for your help Shruti.
In the end I used regexp.
Thanks again!

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