how do i plot hh:mm:ss format in x axis where my x axis is containing no. of sample points...???

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my signal started from 09:11:44 upto 09:15:10 i want my x axix to show me in this format as time in x axis increases simultaneously directly reflect change in second in above given format....i am attaching my signal which is having x axis in second.
simply i wants where time in second is 0 i want to show this point 09:11:44 and where time in second is 206.7 i want to show this point 09:15:10
Ingrid on 1 Dec 2015
BTW: a fig.file cannot be opened in a browser, better to attach some of your code as a minimum working example (with dummy data) or a .png file if you want to show the result

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Ingrid on 30 Nov 2015
have you looked into xtick and xlabel commands?


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