retrieving parameters from regression results in command window

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Kemin  Lang
Kemin Lang on 28 Jan 2016
Answered: Abhisek Roy on 4 Feb 2016
Having the result from a regression (Y=constant*beta1+beta2*X1+beta3*X2+beta4*X3): (intercept)-estimate (say beta 1=0.0023), X1 -estimate (beta 2=12.22), X2 -estimate (beta 3=0.23452). How can I sum beta 2, beta 3? Thanks a lot!

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Abhisek Roy
Abhisek Roy on 4 Feb 2016
Hi Kemin,
I am assuming you are using 'cftool' to do the regression. You can export the fit result to the workspace by right clicking on the fit, you are interested in, in the 'Table of Fits' panel and save in the workspace. It by default creates three variables - fittedmodel1(which contains the fitted coefficient), goodness1(goodness of the fit) and output1 will have details about number of parameters, which algorithm was used etc. You can use these variables to extract all the information and use them.

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