large speed loss in going from 2012b (Win7) to 2015b (Win10)?

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I updated my laptop (Dell latitude E6230, i5-3320M @ 2.6 GHz, 4GB RAM) from Win 7 (enterprise, 64 bit) to Win 10 (pro, 64 bit), at the same time switching from version 2012b (if I remember correctly) to 2015b. After this, a code (entirely numerical calculations for kinetic charge transport simulation) that used to take a few (2-3) secs per evaluation now takes around 10 secs for the same job. I checked that there is no memory overflow, nor are there other apps overloading the processor. This seems too much to be due to heavier load of Win10 on processor. Any suggestions what this might be due to?

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Shruti Sapre
Shruti Sapre on 10 Feb 2016
Do you have any graphics functions as a part of the code? A new graphics engine was introduced in 2014b which may affect the speed of your program:
Have you tried using the profiler to find out where the program spends more time?
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M Kemerink
M Kemerink on 10 Feb 2016
Thanks. There are no graphics functions used in the part of the code that gets slowed down. I have profiled the code before, but not yet had the time to compare profiles from different operating systems.
Best, Martijn

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