how to return array of images from a function

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hi i have a function that take an image and segment this image into many images and i want to return all of these images to use them in another function can any one help thank you .
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Stephen23 on 24 Feb 2016
Simply put them into a cell array and return the cell array.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Feb 2016
Perhaps code for that in the FAQ will help.

Binu on 24 Feb 2016
Try bwlabel(2D) or bwlabeln(3D or higher). Each segmented chunk will be assigned a number label. It returns the label matrix that contains labels for 8 or 24 connected components.
function BW = segmentImages(Image) out = segment(Image); % your segmentation function BW = bwlabel(out); end

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