Compiled MATLAB crashes on instrfind

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Paul Nichol
Paul Nichol on 26 May 2016
Edited: Daniele TRIMARCHI on 21 Jul 2020
I am using the serial functions for the com port reads/writes. (MATLAB 2015a), which all work fine. After I compile and run, it crashes on the instrfind command is called, specifically at line 129 in istrfind.m (out1 = com.mathworks.toolbox.instrument.Instrument.getNonLockedObjects;) Is this because the instrument tool kit is not getting packaged with my application? How do I make sure it does? Or is this a bug?

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Abhisek Roy
Abhisek Roy on 31 May 2016
Hi Paul,
Please have a look at the following External Bug Report -
It looks like the issue is happening due a bug which has been fixed as of R2015b(6.1) and R2015aSP1(6.0.1). A workaround is mentioned in the above page; please try it. In case you still experience a crash, please create a Service Request at this link. Please share the Crash dump and/or any error message which you might have encountered during the crash. Have a look at the following page which explains how you can locate the Crash dumps -
Regards, Abhisek
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Daniele TRIMARCHI on 21 Jul 2020
I am experiencing this problem with Matllab 2020a. I have tried with the suggested workaround (javaclasspath.txt) but with no success.
Is this a regression of version 2020a (and in this case: when has this regression being introduced) or am I doing something wrong..?

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